As the weather continues to heat up as we near the end of July, the goal for all Fashionistas and Fashionistos is to stay cute while attempting to stay cool. In order to beat the heat, this Fashionista focuses on keeping her look simple, light and flowy. With flowy shorts and some simple accessories as her go-to look for the summertime, this Fashionista was ready to take on the hot summer day.

Choosing a simple yellow tank top and a printed pair of light shorts, this Fashionista managed to look comfortable, casual and chic all at once. To accessorize, she added a statement necklace, an oversized tote bag, flip flops and an adorable pair of sunnies. By adding some simple accessories to her outfit, this Fashionista knew just how to perfect that effortlessly stylish look. Without going overboard with her choice of accessories, this Fashionista knew the exact pieces that she was looking for to achieve her summertime look. Her ivory drop necklace paired seamlessly with her pale yellow tank and added a perfect pop of color. This Fashionista’s oversized striped tote contrasted perfectly with her patterned shorts. To finish off her look, she chose a flattering pair of stylish sunnies and was ready to take on the hot summer day!

How To: Looking for a cute and quick way to accessorize a simple summer look? Stick with a few staple pieces to add the perfect touch to any outfit. With a statement necklace, patterned oversized tote and cute pair of sunnies, you’ll pull together and successfully perfect any and every look this season!