September 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

You know that feeling, the one where you must find the perfect necklace to pull your look together, but nothing seems just right. Try an embellished collared look instead! This Fashionista takes the “statement necklace” to the next level with the beautiful detail of an embellished collar. This collared look adds a chic quality and a bonus; you don’t need a necklace as an accessory! The collar itself demands attention and can make any look become instantly classic.

The amazing thing about a detailed collar is that the embellishment can be any design or color. Although this Fashionistas look is all inclusive with the collar as part of the dress, it doesn’t have to be an attached collar at all! A collared necklace can be paired with any shirt or dress—even a T-shirt! A collar makes me feel powerful and are usually reserved for the days I need to be a little more put together. Having one that is ornate or spiked adds even more glam.

This Fashionista reinforces this embellishment feature with the detail of her shoes. She adds subtle accessories as to not detract from the overall look. There’s nothing as classic as a string of pearls and this Fashionista incorporates a modern take on what could be an old-fashioned trend in order to have a vintage advantage.

How To: Choose a neutral colored dress/outfit so that way the embellished collar can really pop!  Pair with accessories and shoes that match the embellishment in the collar to really make a cohesive look. Don’t worry about it being too flashy, it’s supposed to make a statement!