When walking into many people’s closets, there usually isn’t too much color to see. I know I usually make the mistake of buying too many black, white and gray clothes, and I know I’m not alone on this one. Although owning neutral staple items may be a good idea, wearing a pop of color is a great way to switch up any neutral-colored outfit and/or dress for a season. For those of you who need to add more color to your life, this look is for you.

This Fashionista incorporated the perfect amount of color to her outfit, while still sticking to her go-to neutral look. To start with, no one can ever go wrong with wearing black and for those of you who may need help finding a color to match with, black is your best friend. The black and pink combo is perfect for summer, not to mention this Fashionista’s nails and lip color happen to match her shorts perfectly. She also went all out and paired the famous Tory Burch black sandals with the black top, giving this outfit a classier vibe, and overall just looks more put together.

Incorporating too many colors in an outfit can be a common mistake that is made while experimenting with different colors. More than one color is fine, but when it gets to three or more different items with different colors it can get a little busy. This Fashionista had the right idea of sticking to two colors only, especially wearing two colors that are commonly matched with each other. In order to wear a pop of color, my advice would be to stick with solid items of clothing, because like I said before, prints or colors may get pretty busy.

Another component that can be added to this look is a simple piece of jewelry. In this outfit, this Fashionista accessorized with a small, elegant bracelet. Keeping any added accessories simple is an effortless way of dressing up this outfit.

Next time your standing in your closet struggling to find something to wear, step out of your comfort zone a little and grab an item of clothing with a little more color. This pop of color is guaranteed to give you a couple of compliments and add more fun to your life!

How To: Find any bold-colored accessory or garment, and add it to any neutral outfit. Try to stick to one color, and make sure its just one item that’s colorful- too much color would just be a colorful outfit. Once you add your bold color, you are good to go and have a trendy pop of color!