ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pop Of Color In A Menswear World

Oftentimes, people criticize the fact that I refer to black as my favorite color but I know that I am not the only Fashionista that feels most comfortable and well, most powerful when donning the dark shades of midnight. With the recent comeback of ’90s trends, I’ve noticed that the integration of the grunge, punk and goth motifs have become all the rage once again. The 2000s were all about glitter, silky baby pink tops and bejeweled jeans but now it seems as if things are looking up in terms of style. Everything is right about wearing dark colors. No one looks bad in black, it’s a slimming color and it gives way for a great opportunity to accessorize.

In my opinion, this Fashionista adopts one of the greatest trends in women’s fashion: menswear. Oxfords and loafers are a great shoe to wear when you want something a little fancier than a flat, without having to wear a heel. These shoes can easily be made quite feminine by pairing them with a pair of knee-highs and skater skirt, as this Fashionista does here.

One of the most eye-catching ways to “snazz up” a monochromatic outfit is by adding a pop of color anyway you can. This Fashionista adds a chic colored purse to make her dark outfit much more exciting.

How To: Before leaving the house in an all-black outfit, grab some sort of colorful accessory such as bag, some sunglasses, a chunky bracelet or even a brightly colored lipstick! As for menswear, try incorporating collared shirts and button-downs into your wardrobe. To achieve this sense of effortless style from our Fashionista here, don’t be afraid to integrate “conflicting” pieces together to create a look that is unique and stylin’.