ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pop It Like It’s (Red) Hot

Summer whites are always a yes between the months of June and August, but this summer they’re even hotter than ever. The white trend is so in this year that it caught my eye as soon as I saw this Fashionista walk by. But as I looked closer I realized that wasn’t my favorite trend she was sporting. With her white toned outfit hinted with muted blue, her poppy-colored strappy heels were what really made her outfit pop.

This Fashionista was dedicated to her summer whites with her coordinating fingernail and toenail polish, as well as her statement necklace. The white dress with outlined flowers and blue leaves was just enough to keep the summer whites intact with a muted pop of color. Adding the red heels was a perfect touch to really add the pop. She was also holding a twill jacket for the chilly rainy day that complemented her outfit without making it too busy.

Pops of colors are trendy no matter which season you choose! Mixing the summer whites and the pop of color are two timeless trends that this Fashionista showed how to mesh together wonderfully!

This outfit is perfect for many summer occasions, ranging from a family barbeque to a daytime wedding. I might drop the heels down to red flats for the barbeque though, especially if it’s been raining (like it has been here daily in the Midwest)!

How To: If you were unsure about the all-white trend, test it out with a look like this first! Add a few pops of color, like the red strappy heels and the blue leaves on the dress! You can’t go wrong this summer with white on white, especially if you pop it like this Fashionista did!