ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ponchos Take on Menswear

October 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

This season, retailers have added capes and ponchos for not only women but also in menswear. And no one is more excited than this Fashionisto, who has added this taupe fringed poncho into his modern men’s wardrobe. With this very neutral color palette he combined the poncho with some plain black denim, a black and white stripped T-shirt, a denim jacket for the extra warmth on a fall day and a pair of plain black lace up boots.

With styles popping up in Zara, and Topman (who has over 16 different styles of poncho for menswear), these fringed bottomed blanket poncho and cable knit capes seem to be a viable choice for modern men. Their resurgence has quickly hit street style from being seeing on the runway. And retailers are offering Aztec prints, plaid and a wide range of other graphic designs on the ponchos. Allowing ponchos and capes to prove themselves as the cover up of choice of the season for both men and women.

Another wonderful feature of this trend is just how easy it is to transform a casual outfit into a thoughtful ensemble and it also lends itself as an easy way to add bursts of color where there might not have been. The poncho works as a light jacket and a scarf; its versatility was bound to catch on for Fashionstos.

How To: The key to pulling off a poncho or a cape is to allow the accessory to be the focus point of your outfit and stick with basics everywhere else.