ALL IN THE DETAILS: Poncho Paradise

Once believed to be a plain garment only suitable for keeping the chill at bay or bringing the Harry Potter world to life, the poncho has come a long way in the fashion world. Ponchos, also known as capes, made a huge comeback last fall as Fashionistas made this trend a staple piece in their fall and winter wardrobes. But how is a budding, or seasoned, Fashionista supposed to make this unique trend fit their style? Well, read on to find out!

Ponchos are a great alternative to sweaters, jackets and cardigans which, if you are like me, can become tiresome during the long winter months. Thanks to the fashion gods above, ponchos now come in a plethora of cuts, colors and patterns, making them highly versatile pieces. If Kim K. and high fashion pieces have inspired your style, try out an A-line shaped poncho. For the Fashionistas who tend to love more feminine and flirty styles, try an off the shoulder styled poncho.

This Fashionista opted for this gray poncho with a fringe to add a bit of vintage femininity to her casual outfit of fitted skinny jeans and brown booties.

How To: Longing to pull out your spring dresses again but dread covering it up with your winter parka? Try wearing a long poncho that stops at your hips or at the hem of your dress as a trendy alternative. The poncho will drape over the shape of your dress and give you a chic look as opposed to the shapeless parka. Adding a thin belt over it will accentuate your waist and give you that coveted hourglass shape. Add your favorite satchel, some tights and knee-high boots and you’re ready to strut your stuff through rain, sleet or snow!