ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pom-Poms And Piercings

Attending school in upstate New York, many Fashionistas tend to adopt winter weather trends of dark, thick and layered outfits. Knit turtlenecks, shawls and ruanas seem to be this season’s essential items for looking comfy and fabulous on the way to class or just running errands! But following trends is not necessarily the best option for a Fashionista when she’s trying to stand out and make a statement. Details and accessories are always important to creating a memorable look.

This Fashionista is successful in incorporating many of these winter trends! By layering her shawl—complete with trendy, ’70s fringe—over a knit turtleneck, she is able to stay warm in the chilly Albany weather while always having the option to remove a layer! As for her accessories, this Fashionista has adorned her structured tote with an adorable pom charm; the perfect subtle accessory to an accessory! As for shoes, this gal pulls off the ever envied Chelsea boot. This boot is simple, easy to pair and gives an effortless sense of “European style.”

Additionally, this Fashionista has an awesome set of piercings embellishing her ear. She’s even layering her earrings with a line of hoops all up and down her ear! This is a subtle and effortless way to wear jewelry without having to spend time in the morning clasping bracelets and necklaces all by yourself.

How To: You don’t need to have your ears pierced in order to get the layered look like this Fashionista has. Faux ear crawlers are a great way to create the illusion that you too have a bunch of edgy piercings.