March 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

You can usually tell when it’s midterm season here at UCF. Students walk by wearing leggings or athletic shorts, clutching cups of Starbucks coffee. Everyone looks like they are in a rush, everyone has circle under their eyes and the library is crammed with people frantically trying to squeeze one last study session.

So image my relief when I saw this Fashionista wearing a simple yet stylish outfit. She looked confident going into her exams! This outfit has multiple unique elements that made it stand out. Black on black would have been a little too boring and the neon tank underneath the lace top really adds some visual interest to the look. It also highlights the intricate lace detailing in the top.

My personal favorite element of this outfit was the Fashionista’s choice of footwear. She is wearing a very cute and on-trend pair of pointed flats. They lace up and add a unique and interesting twist to the overall outfit. This Fashionista kept the rest of her accessories simple by wearing a dainty necklace and a plain black purse. Too many accessories would have made this look overwhelming because the bright neon color and statement shoes were already the main focal point of the outfit.

How To: Have you always wanted to wear a pair of pointed ballet flats, but you weren’t sure how to pull them off? It’s easier than it looks! Pair them with a nice, classic pair of skinny jeans. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the shoes do all of the talking.