ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plush Peacoats

The hardest task during the winter is to piece an outfit together that can endure the winter weather. Your winter jacket basically becomes your statement piece to the outfit since it is what your peers see as you are roaming around campus. So why not make the jacket a showstopper? Peacoats are the answer; whether they are long or short, they will keep you warm and keep you looking classy. Peacoats come in an array of colors and countless unique patterns. Some common patterns are plaid, checkered, houndstooth and the list goes on.

When purchasing a peacoat, make sure to get the best style for your body shape. The most flattering coats, in my opinion, are the ones where the waist is cinched which creates an hourglass silhouette. This will prevent the fashion faux pas of looking like a marshmallow in a puffer jacket or looking like you are drowning in a peacoat that fits incorrectly.

This Fashionista paired her peacoat with a pair of leggings and riding boots. She has an oversized, burgundy cardigan and a loose T-shirt on underneath. The pieces she wears underneath her coat are excellent for layering considering she will take her coat off once she gets to class.

How To: Buy the peacoat that you know you will be unable to live without. There is no such thing as a coat that is too formal. For the longest time I believed that peacoats were too dressy to wear on a day-to-day basis but that is so false. Find your perfect coat and pair it with anything! You can imitate this Fashionista’s look by grabbing your favorite cardigan, a loose T-shirt, leggings and boots. Also, add a scarf for warmth and as the final touch to the outfit.