ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playing with Prints

What’s one of the perks of going to a school with a major fashion program? Constantly being inspired by what the people around you are wearing.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately inspired by her combination of stripes and plaid. She masterfully paired a basic black and white striped top with a classic, ’90s-inspired plaid printed skirt. She toned down the volume of the clashing prints by donning several versatile layers. A long duster cardigan, edgy black jacket and thigh-high black socks kept the print combination from being too loud and also kept her from freezing in this weather we’ve been having!

She also played around with the recent faux fur trend by slipping on a cozy faux fur scarf and attaching a little furry keychain in a brilliant shade of burgundy to her basic black bag. These fur ball keychains are trending majorly right now and you can pick one up for yourself at any fast fashion store like GoJane for less than $10 dollars. I also love how she accentuated the color of the keychain with rad wine-colored booties.

When I asked her about her outfit, she said she was stuck on what to wear when planning her look for that day so she just decided to whip up this skirt the night before. Talk about impressive! It’s clear that this Fashionista puts a lot of thought into what she wears and I think that we can all take notes from her style.

How To: Have you always shied away from mixing prints? Don’t be scared to try this style! Just make sure that the prints that you’re pairing together have at least one color in common. And layering on neutrals with the look will tone down the volume.