ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playing with Plaids

Mixing prints and pulling it off simultaneously can be a difficult task. It takes the perfect amount of coordination between prints, a keen attention to detail and a fabulous Fashionista to own the look. This Fashionista goes the extra mile and succeeds in pulling off what can sometimes be impossible: plaid on plaid.

This Fashionista rocks a rich maroon coat that is detailed with a bright red plaid pattern. The plaid on the coat is not too busy, creating a more simplistic look with the thin lines. To juxtapose this beautiful, deep shaded coat, a black and white plaid scarf hangs down around her neck. To make this plaid on plaid look work perfectly, this Fashionista chooses a smaller, more intricate plaid pattern for the scarf. Her scarf is much busier and more of a classic plaid, contrasting perfectly with the subtle pattern on her coat. The variance between color, size and intricacy of the patterns ensure that the overall look is not too overwhelming.

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is pretty simple, so that the plaid patterns are what immediately catch your eye. To coincide with her plaid on plaid, she rocks black on black underneath her coat, with simple black pants and a black shirt. You can never go wrong with all-black. To pull her whole outfit together, this Fashionista sports a couple of cool accessories. A crystal statement necklace, which contains some of that same bold maroon color as her coat, adds some extra interest to the outfit. On her feet, this fashion-forward New Yorker wears daisy printed platform adidas sneakers to give her some extra height and add a sporty touch to the otherwise feminine outfit.

From head to toe, this Fashionista rocks her entire look, while breaking the don’t mix patterns rule. She clearly exemplifies the idea that when done properly, this look can be a total success.

How To: Sick of wearing plain T-shirts under your cute printed cardigans and blazers? Not a problem! Branch out a bit and pair a simple striped T-shirt with a floral cardigan. As long as your patterns differ slightly in size and concentration, this look can totally work. So, if you have a super busy floral pattern on your outside layer, look to wear stripes that are thinner and more spaced apart from one another on your T-shirt.