ALL IN THE DETAILS: Platform Party

You’re all dressed up, your outfit is on point, makeup done to perfection and your hair has that Beyoncé flip that you can only get by the perfect stroke of your styling brush. Yet, you still feel as if something is missing. You’ve styled accordingly, you’ve got all the necessary jewelry, yet something just doesn’t tie together your outfit and then it hits you—your shoes! Do you dress down your perfectly proportioned outfit with boring sandals? No, you throw on your new platform heels that haven’t left the box yet because you weren’t sure where to wear them. Worry no more, because this Fashionista just put all of your platform heeled problems to bed.

This Fashionista wore her platform heels to the max while styling them at an end of the summer BBQ for her school. She decided not to follow those boring social norms of proper BBQ attire and went big and bold with her appearance. I am extremely impressed and inspired to do the same. After styling a beautiful summer outfit, which consisted of her favorite white shorts and a black fitted backless black tank top, she strategically wore a sheer peach tunic over her outfit to create the ultimate look.

To top off her look, this Fashionista added on a gold cuff bracelet, some rings, a necklace and a light neutral colored snakeskin evening bag with a dark grey chain. After topping off her attire with every girl’s pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, she then took that bold step of sliding her feet into her gorgeous base platform heels.

Here’s my advice. If you love them, if you find yourself looking at that pair of shoes or that clutch, or outfit, BUY IT. Don’t watch others wear your look. Determine what works best for you and never dull your sparkle because your surroundings may not be up to your level of ultimate Fashionista. You are special and unique and that what makes you, you. Always be bold, you’ll be remembered that way.

How To: Go to the mall and buy that bold pair of platform heels (or whatever fashion item that has your heart) and buy it! Take it home and rock them wherever you go.