ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plaid, For The Shy Ones

June 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

There is one thing I absolutely fear, and that is donning large-scale prints. Don’t get me wrong, I love print, especially plaid, but not everyone is comfortable in prints. Large and bright color prints can make some people a total knockout, but not everyone is able to pull it off and look absolutely stunning in it. A lot of us are afraid of wearing garments with bright and large prints on them for the fearing of looking ridiculous and unappealing. I personally never really touched any garments with prints on them and wearing printed garments made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious before people. However, wearing garments with only solid color could be very boring. I’m sure that’s how a lot of you feel. Fortunately, I met this Fashionista who has a way of wearing print.

For people like me who are afraid of printed garment and are more conservative when it comes to wearing prints, plaid is a safe choice to start with because it comes in different colors and it suits different skin tones easily. This Fashionista uses plaid in moderate amount by wrapping a bright pink plaid scarf with fringe around her neck in a casual way. As the rest of her outfit is relatively simple with basic colors, the pink scarf definitely stands out and brightened up the whole look. The fringes of the scarf also add texture to her outfit, making the whole look more visually appealing. The beanie not only protects the Fashionista against the chilling weather in San Francisco; it definitely complements with the scarf and adds softness to her whole look since the black leather biker jacket and boots could have toughened up the look easily.

The Fashionista finishes the look with a light coverage on the face and a tint of lipstick to look more casual and natural.

How To: If you are feeling uncomfortable with large-scale print, wear it in moderate. Plaid accessories such as scarf or bags are great choices to get yourself comfortable with prints.