The cool thing about winter trends, is that the styles seen between men and women are relatively the same. Parkas, scarves, denim, boots—they all fit the needs of both the male and female population. Take the plaid jacket that this Fashionisto is wearing for example, a woman could also wear a flannel similar to this one and make it the spotlight of any simple ensemble. He opted for plaid over a plain shirt and a pair of subtle denim jeans, which is a great idea, considering plaid is already such a loud statement. When wearing an article of clothing that is meant to be the boldest part of your outfit, such as a colored flannel, it is best not to wear other crazy patterns that may clash.

A plaid jacket with a hood such as the one seen on this trendsetter can be bought at PacSun, along with numerous other types of flannel styles for both men and women. Other plaid styles that can be worn to enhance any look in this cold weather are plaid cardigans for the ladies and plaid scarfs that can be styled for either gender. Any of the styles mentioned above should be accompanied by a plain outfit so that attention isn’t drawn away from them and there is a focal point for your look.

How To: The great thing about wearing plaid is that it’s not only stylish, but also very realistic. If you’re just going to class you can throw a flannel over a simple outfit for a comfy and cute look. And if you’re going out you can also wear plaid and dress it up with a nice pair of jeans and boots. It’s also a sensible look because it adds another layer to your outfit if it’s very cold outside. You can button your flannel up or just leave it open, like this Fashionisto is doing.