ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plaid And Pearls

Just when we thought winter might be cut short, Mother Nature brought us a blizzard, which can only mean one thing. Everyone is back to piling on the hats, lacing up their winter boots and finding the warmest scarf they own. This Fashionista has added a few details to personalize an otherwise ordinary oversized sweater. She starts by choosing a colorful plaid scarf that is lightweight enough to keep on inside, but still adds some color to her fairly basic sweater. With combinations of neutral, dark and a few vibrant colors weaved within, this Fashionista went down a classier route when accessorizing.

To keep her ensemble looking clean and to add a more feminine touch, she has set the gold and silver aside and opted for a few pearls. The simplicity of her single pearl necklace is more understated than a whole string; going with a shorter length ensures that it will not get lost or tangled amongst her scarf. Instead, it is accentuated and somewhat framed because of how open her scarf remains. Pearl stud earrings are the perfect complement because they are not nearly as flashy or overwhelming as a pair of dangling earrings might be.

This Fashionista has nailed the details and created an outfit that is fitting for any time of day by adding a colorful scarf and enhancing it with a few smaller touches to make it a little chicer. It is easy to make the mistake and over accessorize when you start with a basic, neutral silhouette; the details can sometimes make or break an outfit, so it’s worth the extra effort to find a few things that pull it together exactly the way you want it to.

How To: Overwhelmed by a sea of silver and gold as you dig through piles of tangled necklaces and dangling earrings? Don’t fret; all that glitters isn’t always gold and silver! Grab a pair of simple pearl studs and a classic necklace that can easily take a basic outfit up a notch or two. Plus, they can also be very transitional for those nights you want to add a little more elegance to your favorite LBD.