The school semester may be halfway through or even nearing its end, which is a reason for thanks, but when it’s midterms and you’re down on caffeine and beauty sleep, it’s easy to take this for granted. Students often let their outfits show how low on energy they are even when they don’t want them to. Understandably, many of us just want to throw on some soft joggers, a comfortable hoodie, and pay no attention to the details. However, it’s in these times that a great outfit stands out even more for all of its small features.

On this particular day, there were clouds in the sky and the sun only started making its appearance in the afternoon. Most students dressed to match the weather, clad in achromatic clothing without any statements, trying to be made for miles. I took to my college campus to find different from others and found this Fashionista.

Stay casual cool like this Fashionista in her dark green corduroy jacket. Not only is it a piece you don’t see around that often, but she decided to personalize it even more with a bundle of pins, each having its own unique message and story. Among the ones shown on her outfit are an enamel underwear pin and a Speed Racer pin. Layered underneath her jacket, she wears a white strappy top to spin off your basic white T-shirt and a pair of trendy black distressed jeans. This Fashionista knows how to make her outfit more interesting, combining multiple textures such as that from her denim backpack with her corduroy jacket. A worn pair of white high-tops are perfect for a lived-in look and to show she isn’t scared to get dirty.

Fashionistas, don’t get discouraged! Times may appear bleak, but there is hope in everything. Take some fashion inspiration from others and make things more exciting with fun pins you can collect. Better times are soon to come.