ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Hair is that everyday accessory that is always there for you and literally ready to top off any look. It’s a fun way to experiment with your taste and style to transcend your desired image of individuality and expression. Hair is an open book in ways that people can get an automatic glimpse of your personality without any words exposed and also when it comes to the endless possibilities.

Two major hair trends that this Fashionista is rockin’ is pastel colored hair and highlights at the end of the hair (known as “ombré,” which originated in France meaning shadow or shading). These styles can be shown separately or together as modeled by this Fashionista, for her ends are dip-dyed with pastel pink and create that ombré look. If you only want temporary color for a day or so, try hair chalk. You can easily highlight your hair with a different pastel color everyday and then wash it out like normal. The result? An edgy modern twist infused with natural hair color dipped with exciting color or, in other words, the best of both worlds!

What I really appreciate about this Fashionista’s taste is that she truly allowed for her hair to make the statement in this look. She conquered this by keeping her ensemble composed of neutral, cool, soft shades of taupe and navy which created an appealing contrast in comparison to her warm beautiful red locks faded to a hot pastel pink.

This Fashionista also has some tasteful layering skills with the light taupe cardigan placed on top of the navy sweater and a collared shirt underneath. I also liked how she continued the same shade of taupe brown from her zipped skinny jeans to her metallic combat boots. This little trick allowed for her legs to appear longer and also simplified her look, keeping it clean. To keep things interesting, she accessorized with a black leather backpack with a gold bat emblem. This Fashionista is definitely detailed-oriented.

Along with this Fashionista’s bright hair and unique style that initially stopped me, I was also charmed by this Fashionista’s genuine love for nature and animals. I found her feeding one of the many squirrels on campus. Did you notice the squirrel in her pic, hence the food in her pocket? Remember to always stay true to being you, and others will be inspired!

How To: Feeling like you need to spice up your hair and add some color? Go to the local grocery store (or preferably a hair salon) and dip dye those ends with your favorite color of choice! To really allow you hair to do the talking, pair with neutrals such as cool taupes.