ALL IN THE DETAILS: Picture Perfect

It’s hard to get dressed up, especially when you know the weather is fighting against you. It’s so easy to go down yoga pants with UGGs lane. I know from personal experience, when I am dressed in sweatpants, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and watch Netflix for the remainder of the day. We are at the best age in our lives, and there will be time to rest when we’ve reached all of our goals. Now is the time to be proactive and ambitious!

I saw this Fashionista passing by me on my way to class and I immediately noted her purse, which I’ve never seen before. I stopped her to get a closer glance and knew this was a girl after my own heart.  She had a little off the shoulder purse, made entirely of film negatives. We got to talking, and she is a photographer just like myself, and had so much passion for the art, if it wasn’t obvious enough in her outfit choice. Of course, she had paired a tiny silver camera necklace with her look as well. This Fashionista wasn’t letting the weather get to her and was off on her way to make her dreams happen; she looked adorable as ever doing it!

She was wearing primary black (like all of us photographers), but with some added color from her red, blue and yellow scarf. She had winged eyeliner and her red lips made her look pop. Finding this exact purse isn’t impossible but it seems like it would be a fun DIY project. Purses made from various wrappers used to be very popular, and you could get the same rare look by adding one of these styles to your closet.

How To: Dressing for the weather, and making it cute isn’t impossible, so dress up when you feel down! Also, keeping your passions and hobbies close to you is always a good source of inspiration to draw from. If you love a specific sport, art or hobby, look into buying a little charm bracelet as a reminder to yourself of what makes you inspired. Wearing unique pieces is also a great conversation starter!