ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pick Your Poison

Hang•o•ver (n) /ˈhaNGˌōvər/: the not-very-fun morning after a very fun night.

Like any good night of fun in college, the morning after is usually accompanied by brunch with the gals or a full day of hitting the books at a local coffee joint. While we might not feel our greatest, life doesn’t stop for a hangover, and neither do we. So here’s this Fashionista’s secret to looking her best, even when she doesn’t feel it.

Keep the threads to a minimal by reaching for a fusion of the effortless and classics in your wardrobe. A comfy graphic T-shirt is the perfect, effortless piece to ensure comfort and style. Wildfox T-shirts are my go-tos, equipped with a witty headline, adding a vintage flare to any ensemble. Knot it up, give it a half-tuck, or loosely layer a T-shirt on top of a classic staple, such as a vegan leather skirt with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Sticking to the bare basics with your clothes gives you free range with accessories. Accessories are the “icing (on the cake)” of an outfit—the final touch, what makes an outfit complete, what ties an ensemble all together. Accessories make a statement, whether it be a bold handbag, killer shoe, or an effortless necklace layer, pick your poison and own it.

Today’s featured Fashionista channeled her hangover poison with an extra large skull necklace paired with a mini horn necklace and dangle choker. She finished off the look with with a druzzy wrap bracelet. All jewels courtesy of ALV Jewels, handmade by Allie Vanata. Supporting local artists and entrepreneurs is a great way to ensure you’re always rocking one-of-a-kind pieces and making a statement.

Cheers to another effortless look, that looks like it required a whole lot of effort and another day of fooling the eye through fashion.