ALL IN THE DETAILS: Personalizing Winter Fashion

February 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

I snapped a couple shots of this Fashionista as she was bustling to class on Seton Hall’s campus. It was a freezing day, and with all frigid days comes the predicament of how to be both stylish and warm. Lucky for us, this Fashionista can give us a tip. Most notably, she took full advantage of the use of accessories by layering necklaces and carrying a trendy tote. Wrapped in your favorite winter coat and donning your trusty boots, you can rely on these details to personalize a look and put your signature style stamp on it.

She layered gold necklaces and put on sparkling earrings to convey her feminine, preppy style. Perfecting this look is her big kate spade tote. Not only does its size make an impact, but it is the ideal bag to stylishly haul heavy textbooks and journals around campus.

No matter what your style is, you can use thoughtful details to express your individuality. For the sporty girls and guys out there, throw on a classic baseball cap. For the bohemian among us, channel your inner Penny Lane with a pair of ’70s sunglasses. Add a trendy Western flair to your outfit and keep warm with a bandana. Sometimes it can be the small things that make an outfit count.

How To: Next time you are about to walk out the door in the puffy coat and tall boots you most likely wore the previous three days, stop and take the time to accessorize. Fashion doesn’t have to halt because of the snow, but you do have to become more intentional about it. Put on a cap or layer on the necklaces, and make a statement.