ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfectly Mixed and Matched

With fall quickly coming our way, the time to wear sweaters, watch sports and indulge a bit in pumpkin spice lattes are here! With the crisper weather comes crisper styles, such as this strapping man’s ensemble here. Take a look at this Fashionisto’s perfectly mixed and matched look with a detailed fall touch.

This Fashionisto’s style is all in the details! He’s created a base for his outfit with some cuffed burgundy pants and a contrasting light blue shirt. These two colors contrast perfectly against each other and allow for a crisp fall look. Next, the Fashionisto threw on a neutral toned, speckled sweater with elbow pads to even out all of the colors. The use of a neutral allows for different colors to be paired together perfectly.

The key to making a mix and match masterpiece work is all about the little details. To jazz this outfit up, this Fashionisto really focuses on his accessories to make his outfit look crisp and put together! First things first, he plays with different textures and colors by pairing a warm and unique knit tie with matching blue socks. To also tie together his look, the Fashionisto wears some sharp-looking Meermin Mallorca leather shoes with gold buckles, similar to the buckles on his belt buckle and watch detailing. This Fashionisto has really thought about all of the small details.

How To: Want to make this outfit your own? Mix and match different colors and use neutrals to balance out the colors of different tones. Also, pay close attention to detail—matching metallics is always a good way to make a subtle but noticeable upgrade to a fall outfit.