ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect Platforms

One of my absolute favorite things about being a Style Guru is seeing firsthand just how much ones personal style can influence a look. I love being able to see how different Fashionistas/os style different trends according to their personal aesthetic. It is absolutely amazing how two different Fashionistas/os can make the same accessory or item of clothing look. This Fashionista gives these minimalist platform sandals a girly feel, while another Fashionista could rock them in an all out grunge look.

This Fashionista takes these sandals to the feminine side with the help of her white and black striped, bodycon dress. The silhouette of this simple dress definitely adds to the feminine feel she gives her platforms. To add a little dimension to her look, this Fashionista has on an oversized black cardigan. A simple cardigan like this is a must as we transition from winter to spring here in Florida. I love the minimalist feel to her ensemble. Keeping your overall look minimal is the perfect way to rock a new trend while on campus.

Sticking with the minimalist feel, she keeps her accessories slim to none. This lets her wide-strapped platform sandals do all the talking. These sandals are the perfect amount of platform for a day on campus; you get all the trendy perks from the style without having to walk in sky-high sandals. Plus, her sandals kill two birds with one stone by throwing another trend into the mix: wide straps.

How To: Afraid to take your favorite accessory trend to campus? Don’t be! Trends in moderation, like these platform sandals, are a great way to stay trendy without getting overwhelmed with stares (and not the good kind).