January 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Dressing for winter while still keeping style in mind can be a challenge for most. It is necessary to bundle up before leaving the house, which can cramp anyone’s style. Wearing hats and scarves can muss up hair do’s, and bulky sweaters don’t usually flatter the figure. To make matters worse, schools and workplaces usually have the heat on full blast, so you have to shed layers of clothing as soon as you enter through the doorway. Indeed, dressing for winter does require some creative thought. This week, the spotlight is on this Fashionista, who has it all figured out.

Icy winds do not bother the fashion student as she poses for an impromptu photo shoot on campus. Though she is wearing an all black ensemble, she is far from looking ordinary and it is all in the details.

Faux-leather pants team up with a middle cut out top, and mesh screening covers up sufficiently for class. Glittering rhinestones sparkle on her ears and necklace for some glamour. Having a collection of rings is a must in her wardrobe, of course. She is not only stylish and resourceful, she is also practical. Her hat (her very own brand called Skin, ask her about it on Facebook) also keeps her hair in place, and keeps the sun out of her eyes.

The most eye-catching piece, however, is the navel-bearing top! Though it may be considered risque for winter, it can get quite toasty in the classroom. She pairs it with a classy blazer, and her winter jacket is usually zipped up when she is outside.

How To: Add a little daring to your winter life by wearing a cute cut-out top underneath all those layers. If you are a little shy, a more conservative look would be this. The sides can be covered by a cute cardigan, or a sweater. When you are feeling the heat, simply take it off. Alternatively, try a shirt like this. Pair it with a long necklace and you are good to go! You will be prepared for any temperature!