ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pedal to the Metal

Everyday work outfits require comfort, practicality and endurance; but adding a few simple accessories can elevate your plain, pragmatic look into a polished, trendy one. Layering necklaces or stacking a few rings and bracelets can be a simple fix for camouflaging outfit laziness.

This Fashionista combined a causal pair of ripped jeans, a cute printed top and an oversized, neutral cardigan to create an effortlessly stylish and functional ensemble that will serve her throughout the workday. However, this outfit consists of only neutral hues and very simple silhouettes so the details bring excitement.

Layering otherwise simple, lucid necklaces is a sneaky way to add volume to an outfit. Combining metals keeps it casual and effortless while bringing an element of dimension.  This Fashionista is wearing four necklaces, two of which are the same necklace except one is silver and one is gold. She also has on one thin silver bangle with a fun clasp and a light, gemstone ring opposite it. Both of these she wears everyday as they seamlessly compliment every outfit. Her sunglasses bring a lot of drama as they are tortoiseshell and oversized but the perfect shape for her face and summery. The metallic clutch is actually her wallet and fits amply in the hobo bag she commutes to and from work with. But on her way to lunch and to run errands she only has to carry the wallet. Although this makes three different metals in the outfit, each is complimentary and allows for a more casual and more effortless aura.

Lastly, Birkenstocks have become some of the most popular shoes as they offer comfort and style for everyday footwear. Designers like Givenchy, Sophia Webster and Michael Kors have copied Birkenstocks and made them high fashion; however, cheaper options are still perfect for shopping days, casual days at work, or almost any summertime outing.

How To: The nice thing about this trend is it is easily simulated in your own style.  Most people own random smaller jewelry that they forget about or rarely wear. So, just gather up those pieces and try layering them in different combinations. Once you realize how many different ways you can combine them, it may feel like rediscovering your jewelry wardrobe. For me, I wear the same few nice pieces everyday so when I add a couple of different accessories they are layered on top of my everyday-wear jewelry subconsciously creating the “layered mixed-metal” look. Combining any or all of these simple, fun, metallic accessories can exhilarate routine looks and mixing metals can be the laziest way to embellish these looks.