ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peace, Love, Rock 'n' Roll

Do you ever get stuck in that awful rut where you’re left looking at a closet full of clothes but can’t stop thinking “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? Well you’re in for some good news; I myself always seemed to be in that predicament until I found a foolproof way to find some style inspiration in even the bleakest of outfit dilemmas. The solution: the old faithful graphic T-shirt. By using the graphic T-shirt as the main focal point of the look, it becomes easy to build up the rest of the outfit around the vibe of the T-shirt.

For example, this Fashionista took the grungy rock and roll feel that this graphic T-shirt had and went for an edgy look. By pairing it with perfectly distressed jeans to tuck the oversized shirt into and sporting a leather biker jacket on top, she was able to build on the cool theme. The accessories added fit the look perfectly, from distressed black booties that are ever present in our winter ensemble this year to the silver bangles, this Fashionista looked like a real rock star.

It’s easy to achieve any look that your heart desires with a graphic T-shirt. They work well with the edgy look that we just described, or even a more feminine look by using a T-shirt with a more girly image and pairing it with a skirt or even a fitted blazer and heels. You can also achieve a casual look by using a hip graphic T-shirt and pairing it with an oversized cardigan and your favorite leggings for class. The possibilities are endless with this look and you’ll never be lost for closet inspiration again.

How To: Want to steal this look? Grab a pair of distressed jeans and add your favorite graphic T-shirt. Throw on a few accessories while keeping your T-shirt the focal point of the outfit, then add outerwear accordingly.