ALL IN THE DETAILS: Paying Homage to Audrey

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Paying Homage to Audrey

There is no denying that Audrey Hepburn was a style icon for her time. Luckily for us, a lot of references to ‘60s fashion are trending right now which means that we can gaze on her stunning fashion sense and reflect it throughout our wardrobe.

This Fashionista is rocking a look with just the right amount of modern and vintage twisted together. Her look is effortless, timeless and perfect for accessorizing. A solid black trapeze dress can be accented with virtually anything and will result different style. She decided to keep it simple with a watch and a hat being her main focus.

Sunhats are a staple for the warm weather right now but they are nevertheless a statement piece. This felt black sunhat is reminiscent of the Audrey era when women in fashion frequently wore hats with a big sturdy brim. This trend has been modernized through sunhats similar to this Fashionista’s, which have a floppy brim but are still very similar to those of the 1960s.

To top it all off, she stated that her watch is actually a vintage Tiffany & Co. that can no longer be purchased anywhere. The black and gold watch features roman numerals on a beautiful white face. This style is common for women’s watches in current fashion, which highlights the respect for retro pieces.

These two key accessories together with her simple dress give the same elegance of many vintage fashion icons. Her look is modest despite having such rich roots and inspiration. Her styling of the antique fashion is perfect for any day – it grabs attention without having to ask.

Women’s fashion in the 1960s often had a simple silhouette which allows for many options to accessorize. Rock any vintage inspired accessories with a garment that follows a similar silhouette and keep it modern by mixing current trends with the old.