ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterned Tights

Getting dressed every morning for college is a task most students dread. It’s difficult to come up with a new outfit everyday, especially with the limited closet space in a college dorm. It’s also hard to deny the comfort of sweatpants, but those are better left for the gym. So what’s the easiest fix to create a different look? Patterned accessories—more specifically, patterned tights.

Wearing a dress or skirt during the colder months of the year is impossible without a layer of tights underneath. It’s been said that risks should be taken in fashion, but ignoring the cold is not a good idea. A pair of tights provide warmth and an opportunity to make a statement in the overall outfit. Instead of flesh tone or plain black tights, try an openwork pattern like this Fashionista. The diamond shapes are eye-catching, but they don’t take too much attention away from the rest of her outfit. Since the tights and boots are the same color, the bottom half of her outfit looks interesting, but not busy.

The scarf and hat are great winter accessories to complement the tights. More layers are always welcomed in a winter outfit, plus the maroon in the scarf matches this Fashionista’s lip color. A floppy wool hat adds another texture, helping to break up the mostly black ensemble.

How To: If you’re unsure about wearing a pattern similar to what this Fashionista wore because of the open knit, try a printed one instead. It provides more coverage, but has the same effect. If you’re feeling bold, go for something brightly colored like this option. Have fun with your choice; the options are endless!