ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patches, Please!

My new favorite trend definitely has to be the patch trend. I love putting patches on almost anything, from t-shirts, to jeans, to shorts, to baseball caps – the possibilities are endless! I even created my own Etsy shop to sell some of my creations I’ve made!

I was really excited to create this post when I met this lovely Fashionista in New York City. Her outfit represented genuine, trendy street style. I fell in love with her look when I noticed her denim jacket covered in patches, which I later found out she made all by herself!

This Fashionista pairs a black and white striped t-shirt with blue denim shorts, along with her denim jacket. The patches on the jacket provide tons of detail, with patches that include various food, makeup, hearts, words, and more! I cannot get over how adorable the patches are, including the ones at the top of her jacket that spell out her name!

Accessories are a major key in this outfit. Adding on the blue framed sunglasses and the white Birkenstock sandals bring this outfit together.

Street style is my absolute favorite, and this Fashionista clearly kills the game. Not only is this a super cute outfit to walk around in, but it is also comfortable, which is the best kind of outfit, am I right?

How To: Outfits with a pop of color make your style more fun. This Fashionista does so by adding a red purse to her look. This brings attention to the look, and especially to the purse. Her brightly colored patches also create the same kind of attention.