In the world of fashion, it’s always nice to customize things to be your own. I’ve come to love the dirt on my sneakers, the missing button on my shirt and the tear in my jeans. Those little mishaps add character to my clothes and make me feel like they’re more unique. Many people have a pair of white Converse, but no one has a dirt stain on their Converse in the same spot as I do.

While I don’t mind little imperfections in my clothing, I understand why people do. But do not fear fellow Fashionistas/os, there’s a less destructive way to achieve customization in your clothing. Sew on or iron on patches are here to save the day! With hundreds upon hundreds of patches you can buy, the possibilities are endless. Not only is adding patches to your clothes fun, but they also help you express yourself. They have patches for everything whether you want to show your passion for bands, TV shows, cooking or even politics.

I had been wanting to buy patches for myself for a while now, so when I saw this amazing Fashionista pictured above, I absolutely knew I had to photograph her. This Fashionista composed an outfit filled with patches without it being too much. She wore a pair of classic Vans, you can never go wrong with those. Along with her Vans, she had black skinny jeans and a black and white striped T-shirt. On this chilly day, she topped off her outfit with an amazing bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are super trendy right now which is great because they’re amazing, but this also means that many people have similar ones. This is when patches come in handy. Adding patches allows you to stay on trend while still being one of a kind.

If you’d rather use your patches on something else, they also sell bomber jackets with patches sewn on already. Another great place to put patches is on your backpack. This is a helpful and stylish trick. Patches on your backpack adds style to it, but they can also help identify your backpack in case it goes missing when you have to put it through airport security or you set it down at your school’s dining hall.

How To: With patches, your possibilities are endless. Simply purchase a cool patch that expresses you, pick out an article of clothing you want to customize and like magic, you now have a totally unique piece. I can promise you that once you start putting patches on things, you won’t be able to stop.