ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pastel Purse On A Cold Day

Who said pastel colors were only for the spring? This Fashionista shows how even on a freezing day in Boston, pastel colors can be used. She uses her colorful scarf, sweater and purse to bring some color to her outfit that would otherwise be only black.

In particular, her baby pink purse is an amazing example that you do not have to wait for the “right” season to wear a particular piece of clothing or accessory.Pastel purses are particularly cute and are having a comeback this past couple of years. In these couple of cold months, a bit of color is always welcomed and appreciated! It really brings out the outfit and the personality of the Fashionista.

Even though she has a killer purse, her coat surely does look warm, comfortable and on point to complement her outfit. Believe it or not, I personally think that your outerwear can make or break an outfit. It is always refreshing to see a stylish coat when most people in New England would opt for a North Face jacket and Hunter Boots.

How To: Want to add a bit of spice to your winter wardrobe? This Fashionista has inspired me to take out many of my colorful purses that I keep for spring and summer and to really get the best out of them in the winter. If you are like me and hide them until spring, simply find a colorful purse that you like for this new year. It will be a true investment for your killer wardrobe.