Blush pink, mint green, pale blue—these are the colors of the sweetest things in life. They are the colors that are intrinsically linked to images of bubble gum, cotton candy and the less jarring looks of the ‘80s. The pastel palette is often considered the colors of spring because of their resemblance to the mosaics of fresh flowers that bloom and the soft cirrus cloud-filled skies that gracefully follow April showers.

However, they really should not be tossed aside at the sight of the first snowflake. The city at winter time is desolate enough as it is, we certainly do not need more grey to match the accumulated slush at the side of the road. One Ryerson Fashionista demonstrates the endearing power of pastels by combining and styling various colors of the family to create a unified look.

I spotted this young lady donning a pale blue swing coat—the perfect prescription for cold days like today. The coat is actually quite simple in its form featuring a plunging neckline, long accentuated lapels and an oversized fit.

For a touch of blush while maintaining the theme palette, she opted for a studded soft pink half-quilted cross-body bag featuring tassel zippers. She plays with contrast by sporting perfectly tattered light wash blue jeans. But she keeps the overall look quite polished with a pair of leather boots in a strong dark brown color that really tie her whole outfit together. To complete this look, she draped a soft pink scarf over her coat.

How To: The key to this soft and polished look is a posh swing coat. With this look, the coat stood out and ultimately became the focus because of its refreshing and unique color. So to achieve the same effect, try to find a similar coat in a statement color. The pale blue is just one of the possible options in the realm of pastels, so don’t hesitate to explore the other colors in the family. Another important note is to be consistent with the palette and try to incorporate more of it into your look, much like this Fashionista has done. With pastels, it is much easier to get away with mixing colors due to the softness of the tones. Lastly, to contrast the clean look of the top half, add some edge to the ensemble with a pair of distressed jeans.