ALL IN THE DETAILS: Passion for Patterns

Who says that winter is strictly for dark colors? Not this Fashionista! Spice up your outfit with some bright vibrant patterns! This is one daring trend you do not want to miss out on. This Fashionista sets the ultimate example! The vivid green, pink, yellow and blue in her cardigan is the perfect contrast to her maroon pants and gray shirt. She only needs this one article of sunny colored clothing for her otherwise subtle color look to really stand out. Her black studded boots match impeccably with the undertones in these articles of clothing. The studs in her boots also match her rose gold watch and rings.

This Fashionista’s baby blue in her necklace brings out the blue in her cardigan. These multiple necklaces also gives this outfit a bohemian look. The loose sheer material in her cardigan gives this look a carefree and free-spirited vibe that screams spring is just around the corner. Her rose gold watch and ring accessories are an ideal match to the gold in her necklaces.

How To: Don’t know how to make your solid color outfit stand out? Make your look pop with some fun patterns! Swap out that pair of blue jeans with some fun floral or aztec patterned pants. You can pair these crazy bottoms with a solid color white, gray or black tee. Not feeling the pants? Try wearing a patterned scarf instead. These sassy scarves come in a variety of patterns such as feathers, hearts, polka-dotted, cheetah, striped, checkered, flowered, skulls, chains, zig-zag, arrowed, diamonds, plaid and more!