School is back in session, which could lead to tons of outfit dilemmas. As we all know, first impressions are crucial. You have to dress comfortably yet not abandon your sense of style completely. A simple solution to this issue is overalls. With overalls, there are so many layering possibilities that even Alexa Chung is on board with it! You should check out her recent collaboration with AG Jeans.

This Fashionisto caught my attention as he was waiting for the shuttle outside of our school building. The one minor detail of not buttoning up his overalls, allowing them to slouch forward that way, worked in favor of his entire outfit. By doing so, it deters from the farmer look and strays into street-chic territory. He decided to pair it with a striped T-shirt and a green parka that further solidified his street-chic vibe. I must say that the proportion of his parka and overalls is on-point, as it is not too long nor is it too short. The cherry on top was, of course, his necklace. This look is perfect for commuting to and from classes, particularly in a city campus setting, as it factors in the chilly weather and challenging hills. Sneakers are always a good idea for conquering the hills of San Francisco.

How To: A T-shirt, snug button-down or sheer blouse will work well underneath overalls. Your necklace may overlap your overalls or you could stick to a choker for that ’90s look. If you want an edgier look, leave the top flap unbuttoned and allow it to fall forward. The possible outfit combinations are endless!