ALL IN THE DETAILS: Outfit of Mass Destruction

Much like the misfit teens in The Breakfast Club, denim comes in many different varieties. Not one pair of jeans is the same, and they all have different stories. There’s a time and a place for denim that’s all in one piece. A certain connotation seems to follow a pair of jeans that are free from so much as a single frayed thread. The words sleek, preppy and clean come to mind. Their edgy and sometimes misunderstood siblings are, of course, destroyed denim. Jeans clad with rips and tears tend to signify adventure and excitement. Not every outfit is capable of supporting them, but when they can the outcome is magnificent.

This Fashionista chose to pair her destroyed light-wash boyfriend jeans with an intricate crop top. This outfit perfectly showcases the beautiful pattern design on top, by balancing her silhouette with loose-fit jeans. She paired her bohemian-inspired outfit with some futuresque silver metallic vans. This eclectic combination of modern and vintage elements makes for a successful summertime uniform.

Destroyed denim can be found in the form of a distressed jean jacket, ripped jeggings or even just a pair of classic acid-washed jeans. Keep your options open when utilizing this detail, as it often times appears out of nowhere. Thrift shops, consignment stores, and even larger chains carry distressed denim.

How To: When paired with more civil and tranquil pieces, this torn-up trend can be the perfect proportion. Use the worn out look to compliment sleek and clean rather than attempting to wear too many distressed items at once. Keep in mind that it works best as a balance or an accent.