Thrift shop finds can go a long way nowadays for the simple fact that you’re getting more for your money; a place where you can find stylish steal and deals, and come out feeling like you hit the clothes lottery. I understand thrift store shopping doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but it can be a fun experience. The easiest thing to find in a thrift shop is jewelry. You always can find unique pieces of jewelry that you can guarantee no one else will have.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is 100 percent thrift store finds from his rings to jeans. His outfit contains a simple, striped button-down with jeans and with thrifty Alfani Owen casual lace-up oxfords. Oxfords usually retail at 60 dollars. What stands out the most in his outfit is his jewelry from his Heartberge diamond necklace to his Armitron watch. Things that regularly retail for 60 dollars only cost him under 20 dollars each.

How To: Thrift store finds are one of a kind buys, so you won’t be able to find this Fashionisto’s exact style. However, there are certain stores you can check out in your local area. One of my favorite places to shop is Value Village, and they always are having a sale whether it is 15 percent off, or everything with a green dot is two dollars. My second favorite place is Rag-O-Rama. It’s slightly more expensive than the regular thrift store, but you will be able to find name brand clothing easier. Also, Rag-O-Rama is located in Little Five Points and there are many other thrift store around the area, such as Psycho Sisters and The Clothing Warehouse.