ALL IN THE DETAILS: Once You Go Plaid, You’ll Always Wish You Had

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Once You Go Plaid, You’ll Always Wish You Had

The one thing I find the most frustrating about fashion is that you always have to make sure your outfits match. Well, at least if you don’t want people coming up to you to say that your pink shirt clashes with your red pants, or that those patterns do not match, (an unforgettable mistake I once made).

This brings me to my all time favorite fashion statement: plaid. Reason one: plaid, by definition, is made up of a combination of colors, whether they all are in the same color scheme or a mix of vibrant ones. No plaid item can be considered a single color. Therefore, compared to a solid item, there are so many more possibilities of colors to match it with. You can really never be in doubt if it matches or not. Reason two: plaid never, and I repeat, never goes out of season. During the winter, fall, spring and even summer—you can never be wrong!

This Fashionista definitely knew what she was doing when she woke up. Of course, let’s talk about the plaid shirt first. Everything about it is awesome; I cannot stop raving about it! From the plaid to the skull embellishment on the back, I had to hold myself back from stealing the shirt right off her back. Because there are the perfect amount of colors in this shirt, ranging from red to blue, there was no trouble in matching a simple black long sleeve shirt with it. Next, she kept her outfit in style by wearing classic blue skinny jeans. Finally, she topped her outfit off (pun intended) with a gray hat, which not only completes her outfit, but also adds the extra warmth we all need to compete with the cold winter.

How To: Have a plaid shirt and want to funk it up a bit? Try wearing a baggier pair of jeans, also known as boyfriend jeans. Then, instead of wearing the shirt how you normally do, wrap the shirt around your waist, and tie the arms in a knot in front. Maybe wear it with a pair of Converse sneakers instead of boots to add that extra edge to your look. Have fun and be creative!