ALL IN THE DETAILS: On Mondays, We Wear Grunge

Seattle is the legendary birthplace of grunge. The rain-kissed streets and cool autumn air inspires fashionistas near and far to bust out those chunky shoes and beanies. Nothing cultivates a classic grunge look more than loose, chunky, as well as contrasting pieces. Whether it be a slouchy sweater or a sick pair of creepers, grunge clothing can be a great conversation starter and can give your outfit some serious edge that’ll get the whole campus buzzing.

This Seattle-grown Fashionista completely oozes grunge. She wore a speckled knit sweater that’s cuffed at the sleeves and tucked into a slim pair of dark, high-waisted jeans. My favorite element of this Fashionista’s outfit is her pair of creeper shoes. Creepers are a quintessential part of a grunge wardrobe, and this Fashionista is totally rocking them. I absolutely love creepers because their uber chunky sole not only adds substantial height, but it also contrasts so well with the slenderness of skinny jeans. This stark contrast component is definitely key to a great grunge outfit.

Nineties grunge fashion is all about being comfy, so this look is perfect for class. The more worn-in your clothes look, the better. So don’t be afraid of scuffs on your shoes or rips on your pants. Just own it!

How To: Head down to your favorite grunge/vintage clothing shop and pick up a pair of creepers for yourself! Once you’ve got them, the options are limitless. You can tailor it to your own personal style, but, if you want that added grunge factor, try pairing your chunky creepers with ripped tights or skinny jeans followed by a slouchy tee.