People may have the misconception that in order to be considered ‘fashionable’ you have to be eccentric and consistently daring, even if you don’t feel comfortable with the finished look. There is no such thing as fashionable ‘do’s’ or ‘don’ts.’ Life wouldn’t be intriguing if we sought to all dress alike and the word ‘originality’ would cease to be considered synonymous with ‘individuality,’ which are the only two words we should pay mind to when it comes to fashion. The phrase is used regularly, but it sincerely all comes down to how you choose to wear it and make the look originally you.

Think of cultivating an outfit as the process of joining gears to create state-of-the-art machinery. The metaphor seems fitting because we live in a generation deeply immersed in technology and there’s nothing more we want than to have the most up to date gadgets, just like the latest trends. But what we should aim for, just like when we personalize our technologic accessories or social media accounts, is an aesthetic that caters directly to who we are. We enjoy technology that’s sleek, understated and can easily fit in our pocket or bag. Simplicity, just as in the case of a fashionable scenario, is astounding because we can use one piece as our blank canvas and work from there, adding to what we see fit.

Take this Fashionista, for example, who’s clad in a vibrant billowing cobalt blue dress. Dresses without a bust or waistline can look drab or frumpy if it’s overflowed with too many distracting layers that can weigh down the body. However, you don’t need to show a lot of skin or have fitted clothing to accentuate your shape. Instead, you can draw attention to your look with complimentary accessories. The flowing movement of the dress, clinging subtly to the body when the wind passes through, adds a sense of mystery. It’s a sexiness that is understated and intriguing because more is left to the imagination. The neckline catches the light slightly because of its braided metallic accent.

The Fashionista continued the lustrous theme with her varied array of jewelry. Her thin bracelets, bold watch and stacked rings on her arms were modern pieces that contrasted perfectly with the dainty Grecian inspired headpiece and jeweled earrings, fit for a lady of royal stature. The starring item and play on Grecian wear were her gladiators. Leather lace-up detailing, webbed its way up to her knees, helped keep the voluminous shape of the dress sleek and put together. The black tote emphasizes the modernity of this Grecian reincarnate. She finished the look with a pair of aviators, officially prepared for the summer sun and any harsh gaze from the fashion haters who only limit themselves to “do’s” and “don’ts.”

How To: Select a solid colored dress that has a paired down neckline or cut. Minimalist clothing items are perfect for the moments that you want to showcase your bold accessories. Choose showstopping accents to spice things up.