ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Grandma’s Brooch

Time and time again, we find ourselves with the little fear that if we wear something considered “old fashioned” that we will sprout gray hair and be filled with the sudden urge to knit. I think the most bold and daring Fashionistas are the ones who are willing to take something “out” and make it “in” with a little tweaking.

The brooch has become an overlooked accessory in the fashion world, but this Fashionista was able to convince me that the brooch is back. The key to this look is to surround the brooch with clothes that let it take the spotlight. She has incorporated monochrome colors in a variety of textures that give interest to the outfit. The cool thing about leather is that it doesn’t always have to be black! This gray leather jacket is a perfect modern take on this staple edgy piece.

There is so much flexibility with this look. Try throwing on some gray, high-waisted, acid-washed denim instead of a skirt on the days that are way too cold to let those legs be free. Just make sure the color of the pants is a different shade of gray than your jacket, so you’re not a big monotonous blob! Flats or combat boots will transform the look into a casual, daytime ensemble. Brooches are great conversation pieces—whichever one you choose, let your personality shine through. Every brooch is distinct and can become a treasure to any Fashionista that is willing to take a leap of faith for the forgotten accessory.

How To: Stuck on how to incorporate a brooch into your look? Figure out if you’re more of a fun brooch gal or if a simplistic and chic brooch works best for you. Then, simply pair it with a monochrome look and your ready to step out as a fearless Fashionista!