ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Just A Time Keeper

Shimmering jewels that run around a guy’s neck is something you rarely see. Watches are a huge fashion statement for the everyday male that have stood the test of time. Watches should always be a casual accessory as well as an amazing piece to tie into a nice suit.

Let’s be real. Ever since we hit the 2000s, if the time of day is desired, an immediate reaction is to pull a phone out of your pocket and check. The purpose of watches has gone down hill, but the style will never fade, and I will gladly put money on that.

I may have such strong feelings about this small, circular piece of equipment because I have come from a family of businessmen. My brother and I both received watches as graduation gifts because nothing screams success like a hefty Rolex peaking out of your sleeve. Although I was upset about opening that little box to find another amazing watch that was not exactly equivalent to a $10,000 watch, I was excited to rock my new, chunky arm candy.

I picked this Fashionisto out of a crowd because his Hawaiian shirt made me fall in love. Come on people! Hawaiian shirts are not only for theme parties! Pairing a patterned button-down with some beige shorts is the new style. It is one of those things that girls giggle at while fraternity men prance around in proudly. Pulling off a pair of Ray-Bans can’t hurt either in this sunny summer weather.

I liked the brown strap on this watch. Besides the face of a watch, the straps define it as casual or formal. Matching specific parts of an outfit is key to looking like you actually care about the day that is approaching you.

How To: Everyone has felt complacent at one time or another. Go out and rock that Hawaiian shirt! All you have to do is go to your local Nordstrom and pick out a watch that seems to fit your own style. It will let the ladies know that you mean business.