ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not All Guys Are The Same

Nowadays, there are very few guys that make us stop and appreciate their sense of style not because they don’t dress well, but it seems that no matter where you look they all seem to have similar outfits. That is probably why the saying, “All guys dress the same,” is commonly used. Nevertheless, there are many guys out there who do know how to have all eyes on them when they walk into a room.

Although Kanye may not agree with what I have to say next: the award for “Best Dressed” will not go to Beyonce in this article, but to this Fashionisto that I spotted. I guess Kanye is not the only guy who knows about fashion. This Fashionisto here proves that girls are not the only ones who have mastered the art of layering clothes.

The way you dress extends more than the fact that you want to look good. It also expresses a lot about the type of person you are. We have been told millions of times to not judge a book by its covers, but let’s be real here, we all do. Keeping that in mind, we have to come to the realization that people will judge you no matter what, so we might as well dress the way we feel the most comfortable and confident in.

When I saw this Fashionisto walking around campus, the first thought that came into my mind was, “Wow, where did he learn how to coordinate so well?” His outfit was not only different from others, but you could tell that he felt very confident about his fashion choices. I knew I had to show off this Boise State student’s great style, and end the stereotype that Idaho guys dress like “hillbillies.”

This Fashionisto knows it’s better to layer up and wear a coat than to hide away your ensemble by wearing a hoodie. His style consist of a black and gray T-shirt, gray cardigan and a black wool coat. The coat not only keeps him warm, but it also gives a classy look to his style. He completes his ensemble by wearing white skinny jeans and seafoam green Vans. Considering the fact that his outfit mainly consist of dark colors, the bright color of his Vans gives his look a fun twist. Little would you know that behind that outfit is an engineer in the making. There is no doubt that he knows how to put together a great ensemble, and proves that engineers can also be masterminds of fashion.

Fashion is all about expression and being able to look and also feel your very best. A great outfit is the key to a confident attitude.

How To: Replace your hoodie with a coat not only will your outfit look sophisticated but it also lets you show off your ensemble.