ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not A Fashion "Faux" Pas

January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the days are getting colder, more and more layers of clothing need to be worn to front the low temperatures walking to and from class. Observing both trends on the runway and on campus, one recurring detail stands out to me in particular: faux fur. Pairing a layer of faux fur with a basic such as a plain cotton tee, whether it be in the form of a vest or jacket, is the perfect way to bump up the trendiness of any ensemble while adding extra warmth.

Recent runway collections have featured different textures tied together, specifically leather and furs. Leather and fur are timeless style elements that appear on the runway year after year and are perfect pieces to add to any wardrobe. Faux fur is a classic staple in every Fashionista’s closet to create a look of effortless elegance.

This Fashionista is sporting black high-waisted leggings with faux leather patches, a plain black long sleeve tee and a trendy gray vest with a fur trim detail.  The edgy leather details paired with the soft fur creates a perfect balance to construct her own style: glam rocker-chic. While the colors in her outfit are neutral and subdued, her look has an overall feeling of glamour and couture.  She kept her accessories to a minimum with a black and gold toggle bracelet, and she finished the look with black booties.

How To: Looking for a way to vamp up the look of tired pieces in your closet? A fur vest is the optimal layer of clothing to add to your wardrobe because it serves a practical purpose of adding warmth while not being as bulky as a heavy jacket. A fur vest is extremely versatile and is perfect for going to class or for a day of shopping on the weekend. Dress up the look with black pumps and a statement necklace, and you’re ready for a night out with friends!