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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Normcore Gone Lavish

With the trend of minimalism seeming to become so successful and everyone and their mom trying to find their “aesthetic,” the look that your dad rocks seems to be coming into play under the name “normcore.” The style of normcore is just as muted as minimalistic looks, but has a unique twist to it as well! In more simplistic words, the clothing is normal, but has a charm to it that makes such person stand out.

With this Fashionista, she seemed to pull off the normcore look, but added embellishments to make her look more personal and to give “dad looks” a whole new definition. Of course, the light blue jean washed overalls are something that will never be a bad thing to try out, and as you can see the Fashionista used that to her advantage! It looked great and fit her body very well. By rolling up the pant legs, she adds a unique finishing touch. To continue on with the normcore look, the Fashionista added on a white Henley long sleeve shirt to finish off the clean and simple look that seems to be adored by everyone.

What made the look come all together were the eye-catching accessories. By stacking many of her rings, the Fashionista went on to have fun with the ring-stacking trend, pulling off a stunning pairing. The rose gold watch was a fantastic addition to all of the jewelry, and as well was a great addition to this look.

To put the icing on the cake, the Fashionista put on some classic dad sandals, except these ones actually look fantastic and dynamic in comparison. In addition, the sunglasses made the look come all together for a very great summer look that anyone could rock. You can have fun with normcore, as long as you have great and simple accessories to go with it!

How To: The best way to imitate this look is to go with simple clothing choices, such as a black tee and light blue jeans. Once you have that step down, finish the amazing look with fantastic embellishments and jewelry that will show off the simplicity of the outfit. If you have these pieces, try your best to incorporate them and become a dad for a day!