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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Noonday, Everyday

June 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

I’m a huge supporter of small businesses, female artisans, and trendy items that benefit others. Noonday is an awe-inspiring company that sells handcrafted jewelry and accessories that are created by artisans from all over the world. This business not only insures that the partners of Noonday have a job to support their family, but also insures a world where children are treasured and  women are empowered.

To be fashionable means that you can sometimes be simple with your outfit, but bold with accessories. This Fashionista is proving that with her Noonday products, which are totally adorable and extremely versatile. The bracelet featured is actually a necklace that can double as an attractive bracelet! This unique piece is definitely worth the price for a two-in-one look that also supports artisans.

It seems like you can never go wrong when you decide pull out that favorite purse of yours, but Noonday has a luxurious rustic leather tote that is hard to pass up! And, if you’re more of a cross-body bag person, I highly recommend taking a peek at this fold-over bag. It truly is difficult to let these trendy accessories go without them landing in my closet!

If you’re like me, a big spender on appealing items, scoping out the Noonday products might be dangerous. However, it’s worth it when you think of how deserving the artisans who crafted the products are. Remember when you’re looking at the jewelry: accessories can make or break an outfit. With Noonday jewelry, though, you will definitely be making the outfit!

How To: If you prefer a casual outfit yet want to stand out, browse through the Noonday collection or any jewelry collection. Make your outfit pop with a neutral blouse and a colored necklace. It’s effortless yet a la mode!