This week has been a little hectic fashionwise due to the weather! Mother nature has been making it downpour, which, in all honesty, makes one just want to stay in bed and have a Netflix marathon. But, we need rainy days to get some beautiful sunshine, which we did! On that sunny day, as I strolled around town I saw people dressed mainly with pants and sweaters because it was a very chilly day. Although the weather influences what wear, it does not mean one cannot try to stand out in other ways.

This Fashionista I spotted in town truly caught my eye because of the awesome color combination she had on. Her crackled foil shoes and colorful translucent cross-body bag were just to die for! I had never seen such a unique combination on the streets of Southampton before. Not to mention, her hair just adds more color to this awesome combination. If you’re trying to pull off this look, you really need to make sure the colors in your outfit don’t overpower the accessories. If I were to look at that bag and shoes as I were shopping, I would think I could only wear it on a special night out. But this Fashionista showed me that it can be added to an everyday look as long as one is daring and not afraid of adding color.

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is simple dark colors, which ties this look together because that’s what makes her accessories stand out. If she had on bright colors along with her hair and accessories, the look would not be such a fashion statement.

How To: Ever been afraid to add some bright colors to your look? Slowly try it out by having your shoes and bag be bright just like this Fashionista’s. Have your clothes be a solid color that is known to go with everything, such as a white or black dress. That way you know the look matches until you get comfortable using other colors along with statement pieces.