ALL IN THE DETAILS: Never Fear, Platforms are Here!

Out with the heels, and in with the platforms. It may not be the summer of 96′, but ten years later they are making a comeback. It no longer matters if you are four-feet tall or six-feet tall, anyone can pull off these height inducing platform shoes. This Fashionista’s bold statements mashed together with these shoes made me take a second look. I have always been envious of the Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there who step out of the typical comfort zone, and have no boundaries with the articles of clothing that they piece together. With crop-tops and high-waisted jean shorts in style, there are so many look-alikes out there on the street! On the contrary, this Fashionista surpassed today’s typical aesthetic with her own style.

It is all in the details. The natural and earthy ambiance to this outfit is evoked through the color palette and accessories. The natural waves in her hair with the gold leaf earrings, and clear-gold speckled oversized wayfair glasses accent the freckles on her face and the red tones in her hair. The lace with the crochet top and silk kimono bring together a variety of textile elements. Best of all the detail lies in the platform heels. These are mainly a wood base with rabbit hair on the top of the shoe. The rugged and tattered cross-body bag with the green oversized ring give the look a more personalized feel. This Fashionista loves to find vintage pieces to give each look a unique detail that cannot be seen anywhere else.