ALL IN THE DETAILS: Neutral Territory

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Neutral Territory

I admit that I’m a girl who loves neutral colors. They are easy to style, and you can never go wrong with that type of look. I think that is why neutral colors play a big part in fashion. They can be your base for a look before layering items or can consist of more than one shade of a color, creating a monochromatic look.

This Fashionisto coordinated his look with a mixture of navy blue and black. He accessorized with a beanie, backpack and sunglasses. What I find fun is when someone takes their look to the next level by adding a little spice to it. What stands out in this Fashionisto’s look is his Moschino cigarette phone case and Burberry sneakers.

Moschino, a brand known for their funky designs, which have included Spongebob Squarepants and the McDonald’s logo, is also known for unique phone cases. This Fashionisto, a fan of the brand, admits to owning multiple cases from the brand including designs of a Windex spray bottle, a Barbie mirror, a Teddy Bear and a spray can. If you want a funky phone case, many brands offer fun cases like this one from Rebecca Minkoff and this one from kate spade new york. As always, remember to have fun when creating your look. While his sneakers contain a hint of blue from his top, this Fashionisto’s shoes also consists of funky colors like maroon and red.

Combing all of these ideas, this Fashionisto has created the perfect laid back look for a transition from summer to fall.