Your outfit should always match your personality. And if you love to have fun and possibly get a little rowdy from time to time, shouldn’t your outfit be of the same essence? After speaking with her, I decided this Fashionista hit that mark spot on. She was full of energy and ready to dance all night when I snagged her before she headed out to a friend’s summer wedding. Her choice of a neon yellow dress was definitely a perfect fit.

Now even if you aren’t that super loud, super outgoing person, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear bright colors. And if you’re trying it out for the first time, summer is definitely the appropriate season to test the waters (and bring out that awesome tan you’ve been killing yourself over). If an entire neon ensemble is too much for you, or if you’re still iffy about the whole idea try something simple, like a neon clutch or a neon pair of heels.

This Fashionista is totally rocking the neon trend from head to toe. Her fluorescent yellow dress is a halter top and fitted perfectly to her body. The top of the dress makes it more formal with intricate lace detailing, while the bottom half is kept simple. But my favorite part of this outfit was the risk she took with her shoes. She could’ve chosen to be boring and throw on a nude pair of heels, but instead she kept the excitement going. The neon accent mixed with the abstract black and white print made the shoe just enough of a statement without clashing with the already super bold dress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I personally LOVE labels, but can’t always afford them. There’s always a way to piece together an outfit, or find that amazing dress for half the cost!”