All In The Details: Nature Vibes

At first glance this Fashionista has put together a very casual look. However, if you peek a little closer you will see that this outfit stands out because of her accessories she has incorporated into her look.

This Fashionista is rocking one of the biggest trends right now, a cropped top. The crop top is versatile to wear during the day with a cardigan, like this Fashionista is doing, and would also look nice wearing out at night with friends. However, what really makes this Fashionista’s look come to life are her accessories!

With the warm weather outside she kept it basic and wore a cream cropped top and maroon colored shorts. The fashionista is wearing a beige cardigan because she knows it’s not always as hot outside as it is indoors with the air on. The fashionista is wearing bohemian patterned flats and paired it with her bohemian cross body purse. The two even go with her cardigan, having bohemian patterns on the edge of it!

The biggest detail of her whole outfit is her statement necklace. Everyone should own at least one statement jewelry piece because of its ability to transform an outfit. Her statement necklace is one of her favorites. It is a pinecone necklace that came from California. Without her necklace, this Fashionista would be showing a more simplistic look. However, the large necklace adds a totally different vibe, bringing in a nature feel. There are many accessories she was able to choose but her statement necklace certainly was a great choice with her outfit.

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